Story Recs: Things that Go Bump in the Night


It’s Halloween and not a Hallow in sight! Pam is under strict instructions to leave the razor blades alone and very much away from the candied apples, Eric is rather fond of those teacup humans after all; all efforts to make her smile at said teacup humans, however, went pointedly unnoticed. So, if like Pam, you are stuck at home in the name of teacups and cavity-inducing nightmares, we here at The Directory have a spectacular array of stories in all sorts of exciting flavors to sample. Just remember to listen for that doorbell now and then!  😉


If the offerings below aren’t enough, we have to give a special shout out to the Queen of all things Halloween, Carroll E. Stewart, at the very least  check out her somewhat recently finished “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”!

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Story Recs: From Dallas with Love



It may just have been a blood-infused dream that falsely led us to hope of a Sookie without Bill, but it’s undisputable that Dallas was a turning point, both in books and, most especially, the show. We came to see Eric in a different light, gone was the stoic and leering, tough Viking Sheriff as suddenly a vulnerable side was exposed, whether or not he liked it, for many this was the moment where it allowed us to see the possibilities of what could be. Dallas was also where we were introduced to the intriguing character of Godric that, even in his short cameo, became an instant favorite. It is no wonder that this specific spot is where many fanfics started, that rooftop in Dallas is almost a classic starting point now. Today we’re featuring some of our favorites set in and around that magical place known as Dallas. There’s far more to it than Six Flags…


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Story Recs: Mr. January



A new year, a fresh start, can only mean… the Mr. January picture of a certain Viking vampire with which you open up your Fangtasia calendar! To match that rather pretty picture we’ve assembled an assortment of Scandia-flavored Eric stories from a group of imaginative writers who took the challenge to explore a more ‘modern’ version of his ancient counterpart, or simply inserting that familiar Viking in a changed homeland to allow we readers to explore every new facet that has to offer. It should be noted that while two of our offerings seem untimely, featuring Christmas in some form in the title, they can be easily enjoyed year-round with no issues whatsoever, even if you hate Christmas.

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Story Recs: Evolving Sookie



While we do enjoy a Sookie who is firmly in charge of herself and any power she may possess (and we have featured just that theme before, You can find it HERE), there is something wonderful about joining along with Sookie on that difficult journey of self-discovery. Eric may be the reason or the support that takes her there, but ultimately a Sookie who grows into her own is a sight to behold. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had so many stories from which to choose championing a Sookie along on this path.


The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…

Sookie, Interrupted by JanofArc



What if Sookie had been put in the looney bin? She’s young, she hears voices, her parents took her to doctors yet there’s never a mention of one coming close to a diagnosis. This is what I think would have happened if a doctor had managed to convince Sookie’s Parent’s she was schizophrenic, but she’s not in the nut house forever – she gets discovered by Hadley and Sophie-Ann! AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-

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Story Recs: Genuinely Funny



There’s nothing quite like a story that has you laughing every step of the way, no matter the cost to your delicate jawline. Whether it’s parody, bordering on the absurd, or intelligently witty, we at the Directory can’t help but cheer at the sight. While some make it look almost effortless, it is by no means easy. As far as we’re concerned, the two undisputed Queens of Comedy in our little fandom are MERIDIAN and KJWRIT. Their unique brands of humor is peppered throughout each and every tale, making it impossible for us to choose just the one, or two, or even three of their rollicking stories. Take our word for it, all their stories are full of comedy gold, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more genuinely amusing stories out there for your reading pleasure! Enjoy what we enjoy, and feel free to chime in using the comment section on the stories that left you laughing out loud.


Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies...

Guaranteed to evoke the soft, warm, and the fuzzies…


Mistaken Identity by plaguemysoul


Best friends Sookie and Tara do something they never would have ordinarily done, in going to vampire bar Fangtasia. But what happens when Sookie is mistaken for a fangbanger by none other than vampire Eric Northman himself, man-gropes him, and meanwhile captures the grumpy and troubled vampires interest? Mostly silliness, craziness and fun. Smutty/Humour. E/S, OOC, rated M, -WIP-

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Story Recs: Fantastic Felines

An Eric who purrs... how can you go wrong?

Fantastic Felines: An Eric who purrs… how ever can you go wrong?


An agile grace, a hint of fang, a contented purr, and a touch of fur… Wait, what fur? Yes, we’re talking felines, not vampires… well, there are some vamps still available below because while we like petting the kitties and will playfully endure the bites, we haven’t descended into full on bestiality here at the Directory. However, we do have a selection of some awesome stories that feature some magnificent cats and pussies (and, no; we’re not talking the babe ‘magnet’ violet-eyed, genie-trousers-wearing pansy that’s not even good enough to be a rug) as an integral part of the tale. Claws will come out, tummies will be rubbed, and pussies will be stroked while loving licks are returned and… Oh yeah, there are some cats too!



On a Hot Tin Roof by Jillian K


Sookie loves Eric. He is beautiful, blond, and used to getting his way. He is also her cat-that is until Amelia decides to experiment. Now Sookie has to contend with a tall and sexy human man who insists on sleeping on her bed and claiming her as his. AU, rated T,-COMPLETE-


”On a Hot Tin Roof” gives us a delightfully funny insight into a world where Eric is a very possessive cat who will protect what is his no matter what it takes. Throw in a scrawny stray cat (who else but Bill), a touch of Alcide, Continue reading