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It may just have been a blood-infused dream that falsely led us to hope of a Sookie without Bill, but it’s undisputable that Dallas was a turning point, both in books and, most especially, the show. We came to see Eric in a different light, gone was the stoic and leering, tough Viking Sheriff as suddenly a vulnerable side was exposed, whether or not he liked it, for many this was the moment where it allowed us to see the possibilities of what could be. Dallas was also where we were introduced to the intriguing character of Godric that, even in his short cameo, became an instant favorite. It is no wonder that this specific spot is where many fanfics started, that rooftop in Dallas is almost a classic starting point now. Today we’re featuring some of our favorites set in and around that magical place known as Dallas. There’s far more to it than Six Flags…



Dying Love” by Mavrosal



What would happen if Godric lived and Bill was suddenly way out of the
picture? Godric/Sookie/Eric pairing. AU, E/S/G, rated M, -COMPLETE-

This tale starts at the welcome home party for Godric in the Dallas nest, but the confrontation with Lorena goes much differently. When Lorena forces the issue and Sookie discovers the truth of Bill’s mission, the plot takes a drastic turn. With Bill becoming history, it opens the door for Eric to step in to protect and comfort Sookie, which he, of course, does with aplomb. Sookie, in turn, convinces Godric to live and gets him to leave that rooftop. Godric is fascinated by Sookie’s compassion and acceptance, he quickly feels a connection with her that he intends to pursue.

Being offered a quick and easy job of reading the humans to assist Isabel when she takes over as Sheriff gives Sookie a reason to stay on in Dallas with Godric and Eric. Of course, the relationship between the three heat ups as they grow closer and spend time getting to know each other.  Sookie thinks she must choose between the two, but does she really? A Viking, his Maker, and his Telepath all travel a new path learning each other’s history, each other’s secret dreams, and each other’s passions. In “Dying Love,” Mavrosal weaves a rich story of these three characters delving into not only the love they share, but of healing past hurts and misunderstandings to leave them all in a healthy, happy triad.

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it...

The Magic Eight ball assured us of it…

From the Rooftop with Love” by Gyllene



Set from Season 2 after Sookie watches Godric meet the sun she goes to Eric to comfort him. Bill doesn’t like this. At first Sookie and Eric will be friends but soon they will become so much more. AU, E/S, -COMPLETE-


There was a moment on True Blood when Sookie and Eric bonded in Dallas right after Eric loses Godric that filled E-S shippers’ hearts with hope, but it was not to be…and instead, we were dumped in Maryann’s madness pit back in Bon Temps… But, despair not! Gyllene’s story fulfills that hope, starting with that dream sequence that is not just a tease, but a reality. So, ”From the Rooftop with Love” starts with Sookie seeing a more human side of the Viking, and wising up to the fact that Bill is a douche, and a Sophie-Anne stooge, too. This smarter Sookie figures out she’s in trouble and wisely accepts Eric’s offer of protection…and more…


Sometimes we like to cheat on a thousand-year-old vampire with a two-thousand-year-old one...

Sometimes we like to cheat on a thousand-year-old vampire with a two-thousand-year-old one…


As Good as Dead” by Im2xshy



Eric discovers QSA is sending Bill Compton to procure a human from his area and gets to her first. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Take Bill out of the equation (99%) and see how much things can change. The extra treat in this story is the expanded story for Godric as well as a role change (King Godric anyone?). We spend a lot of time in Dallas, but how different it is from the TB storyline. The author introduces a new character who plays an important part in the lives of Godric as well as Eric and Sookie. There is a lot of humor (and did I mention very little Bill? Well, it bears saying again). Add in a twist to the canon “arranged marriage” to a vampire queen, and you have something quite different. I read this when it was originally posted several years ago, and it is just as fresh and engaging the second time through.


Sometimes we like to cheat on a thousand-year-old vampire with a two-thousand-year-old one...

Sometimes we like to cheat on a thousand-year-old vampire with a two-thousand-year-old one…


Dodge and Chase” by CollidingMuse



Introducing CollidingMuse, the chaotic results of a collaboration between the illustrious and enormously talented J.R. Watkins and the gum-smackin’, oft-cursing Meridian (me). Expect a really good story (J.R.), shenanigans (both), and profanity (M), all filled with the foul miasma wafting from the primordial ooze of our collective muses. Odd chapters are written by J.R. Watkins, and even chapters are written by Meridian (still me). *Enjoy!


Wanted:  Personal assistant with investigative background for busy entrepreneur; flexible hours, excellent pay; must be discreet, single, obedient. AU, canon characters, SVM/TB. Collaboration from Meridian and J.R. Watkins. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-


Two of the SVM fanfiction universe’s best writers, Meridian and J.R. Watkins, have teamed up as CollidingMuse, and, as expected, bring us an exceptional story. Starting with a smarter Sookie, of course, who meets Eric under very different circumstances, the tale instantly sparks your interest as we move toward Dallas and the events that happened there. The Murder Mystery theme forces Eric and Sookie to work together to solve the crime and save our beloved Godric. Now don’t expect a retelling of the same events without a Bill to cause problems, no, this thriller is much different. Infused with excellent dialog and witty commentary from the characters, CollidingMuse has you flipping quickly to the next chapter to find out “who done it.” Even though the chapters are alternately written by the co-authors, the story flows seamlessly. Will Eric see Sookie as a disposable asset, a treasure to be protected, but not respected, or his true love who is also smart and strong enough to help him traverse the dangers in Dallas?




Did we miss any of your favourite Dallas based stories? Feel free to add them in the comment section so other readers will have even more to choose from!

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