The Viking Trubie

Writing since-  August 2010

Preferred pairings- Eric/Sookie, Pam/Tara, Godric/OC

I’ll fight to death for – Eric Northman

Languages I write in – English

EPUB/PDF available for download – Not yet.


AO3: Blueberry1004

My Stories


Work in Progress: 

Multiple chapter stories:

AH AU. Six years ago Sookie lost her journal that contained her deepest, darkest secrets. What happens when she finds it in the hands of Eric Northman? Eric/Sookie and Pam/Tara pairings.

(AU/OOC) Jade Valentine is the sheriff of Area 5 and a 4000 year old, psychic. What will Jade do when the Queen sends Bill Compton to procure a Telepath? Meanwhile, she notices an attraction between Eric Northman, her friend and her second in command, and the Telepath. The first in “The Destiny Series.”

  • Untitled Sequel

During True Blood S2E8. AU/OOC/OC. Lorena pays Bill back for choosing a human over her and hitting her head with a flat screen TV. After the death of Godric, Sookie finds Eric depressed and ready to give up on life. What happens when she comes up with a solution to save the Viking from the same fate?

(OOC/AU) Begins at S3E1. She was sent to spy on the vampires of Louisiana. She’s recently discovered that the Viking is an innocent in the queen’s schemes; and the telepath is also another innocent victim in Compton’s attentions and in the queen’s web of bullshit. What will she do to help them?

Sookie comes to realize she has feelings for Eric. She knows she could count on him to protect her. But what happens when he has to count on her to protect him? Rated T for now, if I continue it. Not the amnesia storyline . During “She’s Not There.”

Adopted from Tori X. Sequel to A Journey Through Time. When she walked into the bar, he knew she was special. When their eyes locked, he felt a connection. But her natural beauty was not what caught his eye: it was the ring on her finger, an old heirloom he thought he’d lost long ago.

AH/AU/OOC. Eric Northman searches for some excitement and meaning to his life. What happens to Eric when he loses a drunken fight against Bill Compton? Watch as he goes through his life learning what becoming a man is all about.


One-shot. Sookie makes her choice. My own spin on the last episode of season 4. Enjoy!

What happens when a stranger offers Eric and Sookie 7 days to learn more about each other? Will they learn to trust each other or themselves? Takes place during Season 4, episode 2.

Coming Soon:
  • Epic Love: TB S5
  • Karma: TB S7
  • The Choices We Make: TB S6
Fan Videos:
  • Eric/Sookie – Radar 
  • Eric Northman – Evil Ways


I do not own SVM/TB, its characters or anything pertaining to the TV show and Book. I do this for fun, not profit. Please enjoy! 🙂

Hope you all will like them! We all know I don’t any of the characters from the show or book…so don’t sue me! 🙂

Please enjoy my stories and tell me what you think.


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