Writing since-  since I ran out of SVM/TB material to read. Truth is, I was alway the kid covered with markers and watercolor stains, loathed literature/writing with a passion …. yet here I am and am I lovin’ it 🙂 …..

I secretly live in these fandoms- SVM/TB

Preferred pairings-  vampire Eric & fairy Sookie, can’t stand Beehl!

I’ll fight to death for – Eric *effing the Norseman!!!!! CH can go suck on sunshine for what she did to him at the end and Alan, well he nailed the sexy Swede part, but even he *crapped the bed at the finish line.

You’ll get my updates – When there is no tuning out the pestering muse voices  yapping away inside my head and there goes an allnighter.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – it’s a toss between Argh, so cliffy! or effing Compton! LOL

Languages I write in – English, since it’s like the 3rd foreign language I was FORCED to learn in school and I can use that as my excuse for my many typos 🙂 Take that Mrs. Kaludova (my super encouraging 1st grade teacher, who so politely told me to stick to math, painting and track running :P) !!!!

EPUB/PDF available for download – no. Sorry haven’t figured that part yet, but if you contact me I will gladly send you a copy.

Places to find me


My Stories

Total Eclipce by mp5KOVA

 After a visit to a toy store, during which Sookie Stackhouse found herself grudgingly caught within the mayhem in an attempted assassination of the local La vampires. Only to wake and discover that she & her family had been claimed by the Area 5 Vampire Sheriff. HIGH rating is warranted.

Just playing w/ many what if’s in CH’s sandbox, the characters belong to her: Story is VERY AU.



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