Writing since-  2012

Retired/ACTIVE/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms- TB/SVM

Preferred pairings- Always Eric and Sookie!

I’ll fight to death for – Eric Northman

You’ll get my updates – When I get to it. I try to get a new chapter out for one of my stories every two weeks if I can, but real life makes that hard.

The word most used to describe my writing by others – Meridian says I’m “spot on” – you show Eric as he should be shown and give us a smarter Sookie and hear a lot of the times that I write a sweet Eric. 🙂

Languages I write in – English, Google Translate Swedish.

EPUB/PDF available for download –

Places to find me  


My Stories




From the Rooftop to Love

Set from Season 2 after Sookie watches Godric meet the sun she goes to Eric to comfort him. Bill doesn’t like this. At first Sookie and Eric will be friends but soon they will become so much more.



My Dead Ever After 

I thought that after hearing the news of what is going to happen in the new book I would write what I think / want / should happen.  Sookie magically got smarter in my option and their relationship will get better.  I always thought it strange that Sookie always waited around for Eric to get answers.  Why can’t she pick up the phone or go see him.  This is my take.


Redemption RS


After the fairy war in the Southern Vampire Mysteries Sookie is unable to use her shields to block the thoughts of her friends that are trying to take care of her.  Eric hasn’t told Sookie where he was and why he didn’t save her.

Sookie decides to she needs to get away from everyone’s thoughts and Eric while she heals.  She leaves during the day to get as far away from Louisiana as she can before sunset.

Felipe DeCastro wants Sookie to come and read his employees and demands Eric to deliver her to him only Eric cannot.  He doesn’t know where she is.  He cannot feel her anymore in the bond.  All he knows is she’s still alive.

What will happen to Sookie and Eric?  Will they reunite?



Lover’s Amnesia

Sookie loses her memory after a car accident.  Can Eric make her fall in love with him again?  AU



Lovers Always

 The sequel to Lover’s Amnesia. Things settle down for our favorite couple, and new relationships are formed, but will that peace last? Read on to find out if what happens in Dallas…stays in Dallas…


In Progress


Black Friday

This is my fix to True Blood’s Season 7 fuckery.

Takes place the day after Thanksgiving and the series finale.  HEA guaranteed.

In Progress

At That Moment RS

At That Moment

This story begins  at the start of Definitely Dead. Eric shows up at Sookie’s house just as she is leaving to go out on her date with Quinn.  I am trying to fix just one of many mistakes.  This story goes AU *fast*, so do not expect a retelling of the books.  There will be some aspects from the books, but seeing as how I will never read them again I have to go with my very imperfect memory.

I realize that Quinn comes to her for their date before they go to New Orleans, but in my story this scene happens afterward.

Sookie immediately becomes smarter.  LOL!  Meridian informed me that she seemed too smart, but why would I write a story if it was to stay with canon Sookie? So, beware! She’s a smarter Sookie.

In Progress



In The End

A few months after Rhodes, Sookie is alone and tired. While driving home one night from work, an encounter changes lives forever. Hurt/comfort, drama, angst, tragedy.

Daylight RS


Inspired by Maroon 5′s song Daylight.

With no options left and time slipping through their hands, Eric and Sookie have no choice but to let each other go. Goodbyes should never be this painful, but sometimes loves just isn’t enough. Or is it? Canon. Rated M for sexual content.

Tissues needed.

May turn into more at some point.



Where The Heart Is

Kittyinaz July 31, 2014 Contest – 3rd Place

Takes places in season 7 of True Blood.

Won't You Come In RS

Won’t You Come In

A little one-shot that was inspired from a question by the lovely Meridian.

A fix for season 7 of True Blood.  This is what should have happened after Eric flew Sookie home.




I know I’m not the best writer out there, but I do love doing it and changing things up a little bit. I’m just out to try to right the wrongs of Charlaine Harris and True Blood.

  All characters belong to Charlaine Harris, HBO, Alan Ball, etc.  All mistakes are mine. I own nothing, not the characters or the pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t own Alexander Skarsgård but I sure as hell wish I did.




 All future stories can be found on my WordPress:



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