Sakshi Chopra

Writing since-  June 2013


I secretly live in these fandoms-

SVM/TB, The Originals, TVD, The Mortal Instruments. Also I am an annoying know-it-all-nerd for The Lord of Rings, Harry Potter, Tarzan and Ayn Rand’s classics (and many many more). Although I don’t read their fanfiction but superheroes and Aliens with superpowers hang the moon for me.

Preferred pairings-  

Eric and Sookie make the one couple I find easiest to write about. I am trying out new ones though and you’ll see that soon.

I’ll fight to death for –

My ideas related to aliens…My favorite books (I’ll fight for my not favorite ones too) and the characters…My right to read said books/related fanfiction at any God Damned hour of the day I want!

You’ll get my updates –

At highly random times/intervals (I’m sorry but I haven’t perfected the art of sticking to a time table as yet)

The word most used to describe my writing by others –


Languages I write in –


EPUB/PDF available for download –


Places to find me

Link(s) to original fiction – sadly I don’t have these as of now. Except maybe the poems I write and just one of those poems is on my wordpress page.

My Stories

1. Angels of the Night and Day: After thousand years as a vampire, a secret from Eric’s human life will turn his life upside down. Sookie will find her true purpose of life on the way to true love. A story about finding love, friendship, heartbreak, sacrifice and the spectacular journey of soul mates divided by time and destiny. T/AU/SVM/In Progress



2. Dead and Alive: Post True Blood season 6, Sookie has the life she always thought was best for herself. However, what we think we want and what we actually want can be completely different from what we need. Will she ever find courage to rise above the ordinary and find something extraordinary? Is there a cure for apathy? Do we control our fate or does life just dish out stuff at random? M/True Blood post S6/In Progress



3. Heaven and Hell House of Pleasures: Eric and Sookie meet and part in an unconventional, not-so-innocent way. Years later, their paths cross once more and trouble ensues again. M/AH/AU/SVM/In Progress



4. The Grave: After the death of the last remaining Stackhouse, Sookie gives up her life in Bon Temps and goes to the Fae with Claudine. But that was not the family she was looking for. Battered, abused and even more lost than she was, Sookie attempts an escape and literally falls into the arms of more trouble than she was prepared for. T/AU/SVM/In Progress



5. Flappy Fairy Intervention: Fun Crack-Fic. Post TB S7 episode7. Read if you were frustrated about the direction our favorite show has taken and are in dire need of eye/brain bleach. I must warn you though. In addition to Bill bashing, I am also going to let it loose on Sookie Stackhouse. The only people who won’t be subjected to ridicule/killing/bashing etc would be Niall and Eric. T/True Blood S7/One-Shot/Complete.

6. Ghost of the Bayou: written for Kittyinaz’s January Writing Challenge. A piece to match a picture of a girl with a lantern in the dark. With Godric as his mentor, Eric is a paranormal researcher/hunter. Sookie is someone who needs help of the supernatural kind. With ghosts to light his way, nothing much stands in the way, or so it seems. T/AU/SVM/One Shot/Complete



7. Return of the Viking: Sookie confronts Eric about his seeming lack of hope for surviving and convinces him to snap out of his funk and work with her to find a cure. Meanwhile, the troubles of the town of Bon Temps are still not over and someone has to step up. Who does? Since I am a typical Eric fan, of course I snuck in some fun at Bill’s expense towards the end! T/True Blood S7/One Shot/Complete.



8. Tattoos and a Pierced Lip: Sookie is an executive assistant, working for lawyer Bill Compton. A chance assignment for a couple of months, has her, along with a team of lawyers, working at Appius Livius Ocella’s estate. Who could she possibly meet at such a dreary place? Surely not a hot blonde tattooed biker with a pierced lip and a penchant for breaking rules. T/AH/AU/One Shot/Complete.



9. Dirty Dancing: A twist to one of my favorite movie stories. Klaus is the lead dancer/director from hell and Caroline is the simple innocent new girl to join his high rolling team. Sparks are just meant to fly, and not just the lemony kind. T/TVD/AH/AU/In Progress





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