WordPress 101

resources For Readers (and Writers)

Still confused how exactly WordPress works for reading and keeping up with your favourite stories and writers? See our Reader’s Guide : How to use WP for reading Fanfiction.


For coming to understand how commenting and reviewing works please take a look at our WP Comment and Review Etiquette Guide.


resources For writers

A writer in need of some great resources? Check out our Writer’s Resources page for WP tutorials (coming soon- follow our blog to be notified) and Special Features by writers on how to transitions from Fan Fiction to Original Fiction or How to Protect Yourself from Plagiarism.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 101

  1. yaffom says:

    Boy, I sure appreciate these pages, I’ve been stuck on stupid for too long. I have needed help navigating through wordpress, and this has been very helpful for me…….so, thank you.


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