Part IV of The Great Summer Reads


ehm yeah, sorry about the dancing Bill…

THE LAST OF THE Great Summer Reads!

Summer is slowing coming to a close and we at the Fangbangers Anonymous blog hope you have been enjoying our suggestions so far. Today we present you with the last of them, courtesty of Lcrafts and Suzymeinen to get your final reading in before the actual end of summer. Remember the entire list of our Great Summer Reads can be found here.


Great Summer Reads courtesy of Suzymeinen


When it was decided that we should produce a summer reading list for the FA blog instead of our normal reviews for these wonderful warm months, I will admit that I was at a bit of a loss. You see, I didn’t know what I was going to read yet. It would be whatever struck my fancy when I was ready to sit down and relax.

So I decided to share with you some stories that I have read in summers past or that I was following that have recently come to a close. Looking at my list after I finished, it was a real mix which is how I like to read, keep them different so it keeps me interested Continue reading

PART III of The Great Summer Reads


of course Pam doesn’t run and lets the fucker drown…

YET MORE Great Summer Reads!

Part III of our Great Summer Reads are here, we hope you’re enjoying the suggestions so far! Today VAlady and The Queen of All That is Delicious are sharing some of their old favourites along with some unusual choices. Remember the entire list of our Great Summer Reads can be found here.


Great Summer Reads courtesy of VAlady1


One of my favorite summer activities is re-visiting some of my beloved stories. Of course there are lots of good ones to choose from, so the ones I list are merely the tip of the iceberg.

I have two “series” stories here, one is short, while the other is an epic read.

Never Again” and “Again” by Crisi TM are a great example of turning a HNA-(happily never after) into what we all love, a true HEA. Continue reading

PART II of The Great Summer Reads


EVEN MORE Great Summer Reads!

As promised we will be continuing with our contributors’ personal favourite summer read recommendations here on the FA blog.  Today we have some great reading suggestions by estrella75 who has a bit of a thing for the humans and hisviks shares some of her favorites with a focus on the shorter tales.




Great Summer Reads courtesy of Estrella75


Much like a kid on the last day of class, for me summer always evokes the desire for escape. Maybe in an effort to hold onto that childlike perception of summer being a time of abandon and fantasy, I’ve endeavored to hold on to that ethic into adulthood. In spite of having to rise early and drag myself into a bleak office every day, I try to keep my personal time as light as possible, including my reading material. My co-contributors here at the FA blog know that I tend to favor All-Human stories; I also have a penchant for guaranteed romances.

My Summer fan fiction reading list contains quite a few summer and whirlwind romances Continue reading

The Great Summer Reads

Introducing the Great Summer Reads!

Everyone is entitled to a bit of a break and that includes the wonderful contributors here at the Directory who work tirelessly to bring you story recommendations. In the weeks ahead we will be taking a break from our usual programming and as an alternative each contributor will deliver their handpicked lists of (mostly complete) stories that they will be (re-)reading this summer that make for great reads whether you be hot and bothered poolside or in need of a warm snuggle by the fire for those on the other side of the equator 😉 We hope that you enjoy getting to know our individual contributors (and their tastes) a bit better with our suggested reading lists!



Great Summer Reads courtesy of RedJane12


While I planned my summer reading in the land of fanfic, I realized my focus would be enjoyment as in making the most of the summer weeks in order to give these stories the attention and love they deserve… As a non-writer, I am a great believer in ‘paying back’ the fanfic writers who so very generously create these stories Continue reading