Writing and reading since 2010

Status: Active

My fandoms: SVM, TB

Preferred pairings: Eric and Sookie

Preferred universe: canon, rarely AH, parallel

You’ll get my updates – irregularly

The word most used to describe my writing by others: epic

The words I use to describe my writing: mystery, action, drama, romance. Most of my one shots are humor. Take your pick.

Languages I write in: English

EPUB/PDF available for download – no. If you want to read all of my stories unedited, with awesome art and music, go to my site or select one of the links in a Story Index below.

Do I beta? Rarely. I am a picky and mean beta. I’ll give you my honest opinion no matter how harsh it may seem.

Places to find me:


If you’re under age of 18, some of my stories are not for you. I write a lot of explicit scenes depicting sex, violence, and blood, so read the summary for warnings before starting on a fanfic. However, on this site there are no dark stories or BDSM; no stalking, moody, gloomy, and obsessive vampires or delicate southern belles. Sookie’s not a damsel in distress, and Eric is not a maniac who wants sex and blood every second of every night. I see them as equal partners in love. No breaking, no teaching lessons, no punishing, no disciplining, no foot stomping or storming out of rooms in hissy fits.


Story Index


AlphaEN SVM banner Beyond The Invisible

MY SVM fanfiction

Disclaimer: all characters from the Sookie Stackhouse novels belong to Charlaine Harris. Other original characters are figments of my imagination. 

1. Draining Nemo, Or Vampires Anonimous

What would happen if SVM and Finding Nemo were crossed over? Rated  T. Humor. Mini-shot. Complete.

2. Put Me First

The first installment in the “Beyond The Invisible” series. Set after Dead in the Family. Eric’s powers are growing. Sookie is facing changes and new challenges. She finally tells Eric she wants him to put her first. Is it that simple?

Rated NC-17 for mature content, strong sexual language, and violence. Love/Action/Drama/Mystery. Complete.

3. Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow

Sequel to “Put Me First” in the “Beyond The Invisible” series.

Rated NC-17 for mature content, strong sexual language, and violence. Love/Action/Drama/Mystery. In Progress.

4. Fiction, Attempted

One-shot, AH/AU/E&S, rated T. Humor. Complete.

5. The Nights Of Our lives

One-shot, AU/E&S, rated NC-17. Complete.

Felipe de Castro finds out about Victor’s machinations and calls him back to Nevada. Eric is the new regent in Louisiana. Sookie accepts their pledging and moves to Shreveport to live with Eric. A few years go by, Sookie is still human, and Eric is as busy with work as ever. More often than not, Sookie wonders, what if… Will Eric accept that they need a change and agree to go along with her plan?

6. The Night At The Zoo

A one-shot side story to Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow, Eric/Sookie/Pam/OC, rated T. Humor. Complete.

7. Operation “Sweet Tooth”

Eric/Sookie/Pam mini-shot, rated T. Humor. Complete. Eric and Pam discuss vampire politics; will Sookie be willing to help?

8. The Great Reveal

Mini-shot written for the Great Reveal ceremony of the Fangies – the symbol of the Fangreaders Awards 2012. Rated T. Humor. Eric/Sookie/Pam, rated T. Humor. Complete.

9. Important Men

Promo mini-shot written for the Fangreaders Awards 2012. Rated T. Humor. Complete.

10. How To Deal with Vampires

One-shot. Rated T. Humor. Complete.

11. Cocktail Sunshine

100 words. Eric/Sookie Rated T. Humor. Complete.

12. Don’t Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth

100 words. Eric/Sookie/Pam. Rated T. Humor. Complete.

13. Forever Mine

100 words. Eric/Sookie. Rated M. Romance. Complete.

14. The Beginning

100 words. Eric. Rated T. Angst. Complete.

15. Luck Is a Matter of Choice

One-shot, set up after Eric killed Long Shadow. Humor. Rated M for mature language.

16. Eric Northman for President: Are You Ready to Vote?!

One-shot, Eric Northman announces he will be running for the president of the United States in 2012 presidential elections. Humor. Rated T.

17. Sunil, a DTRT Short

A one-shot side story to Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow. Sunil takes Sookie on a tour at Felipe de Castro’s palace outside Las Vegas. Contains spoilers for DTRT up to Chapter 18. Angst, Drama. Rated T.

18.Fanfiction: I’m Not Fooling Around!

One-shot. Ever wandered what writing fanfiction entails? Prepare to meet the full crew! Humor. Rated T.


TB FanFiction

Disclaimer: all characters from True Blood series belong to HBO and Alan Ball. Other original characters are figments of my imagination.

1. Alive After Dawn

Season 2: Godrik meets his true death. Sookie stays with him until the end. Eric is in his room. Told in EPOV. Rated T. Mini-shot.

2. I Can Eat Who I Want

Season 4. Jessica and Hoyt. Rated T. Mini-shot.

3. Vampire Celebrations

Eric and Pam are celebrating the New Year’s eve! Rated T. Mini-shot. Complete. Humor.

4. On The Set Of True Blood

100 words. Eric. Humor. Rated T. Complete.

5. The Queen Of No One

100 words. Jessica/Jason. Angst. Rated T. Complete.


Abby’s Corner

My name is Abigale Hansen. I’m an expert on vampires and vampire-human relationships. Ask me anything, and I’ll give you the best advice you can find for free.

Introduction and Contact Information


How To Deal with Vampires (Abby’s Corner: The 1st Issue)

Abby’s Corner: The 2nd Issue

Abby’s Corner: The 3rd Issue



3 thoughts on “AlphaEN

  1. Melissa Moore says:

    I fell in love with your work when i read Put Me First a couple of months ago, then shortly thereafter you floored me with Die Tonight Rule Tomorrow. I was literally enamored with your stories, for a while there i had to remind myself that this is fiction. The descriptive words you use, the whole world and vision you create with your writing is phenomenonal…but that doesnt even seem to be a strong enough word for the feeling i get when i read anything u write. Eric is so strong and together he and Sookie are even stronger. I love the love that u created between them. I am patiently waiting for the sequel and i can not wait until its complete. Thank u for sharing your gift. U are a truly amazing writer

    Liked by 1 person

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