Story Recs: Epic Eric

Because sometimes Eric can be that much MORE!

Because sometimes Eric can be just that little bit MORE!


-Epic Eric-


The man is already epic, you say? Yes, this is undoubtedly true, and when we decided to counterbalance our beloved Supercharged Sookies with some much needed Epic Ericness, we actually struggled to match the stories by the numbers because what exactly constitutes an Epic Eric? By our definition, it is an Eric with just that little bit extra that puts him well above the rest, making him that much more from the get go, and who are we to say no to more Eric?




Stories high in fantasy elements, often a rich Alternate Universe


Beholden by ElfChef

It’s hard being a telepathic barmaid but Sookie Stackhouse can’t complain. She has a nice life in her small town. It all goes up in smoke when a fairy blackmails her into marrying a vampire. A vampire that could care less who she is or what she feels. Watch their unlikely story unfold. This isn’t an easy love story but then again love and life seldom are. AU, E/S, rated M, -COMPLETE-

At the start of this tale, we are introduced to an Eric with a necessity to keep a tight control on himself and everything around him, one containing an anger that threatens to unleash at the slightest trigger. An anger that hints there is much more (and there certainly is) to this not-so-average vampire. In this constant state
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