California Kat

Writing since: March 2012  (reading since: about a year before that )

Retired/ACTIVE/on hiatus/undecided

I secretly live in these fandoms:  Anything TB or SVM–and it’s not secret.  😉

Preferred pairings: Eric and Sookie

I’ll fight to death for:  Sookie–her “creators” try to twist her into a revolting devolution of what she could have been.  I wasn’t creative enough to “make” her, but I do my best to help her out of the situations she’s put into.

You’ll get my updates:  I try to maintain some sort of frequency.  I tend to work on more than one project at a time so that my brain won’t get “tired” of something.  With most long items, I try to draft the whole thing so that I can post at the rate of my revising. I don’t ever want to start something I don’t finish; it just might take a while.

The word most used to describe my writing by others: I don’t know…but the word I use to describe my own writing is therapeutic.  Writing is my pastime and release from real-life pressures. 

Languages I write in:  Mostly English, though I’ve been known to “try” to throw in Old Norse and Swedish–the former with the help of an Icelandic friend and my knowledge of Old English and the latter w/ the help of the very flawed Google Translate and a couple of old Swedish dictionaries (to varied results).

BETA:  Kleannhouse (who is a talented writer in her own right)

ARTIST: Sephrenia (who is also a talented writer and beta)

PDFs available for download:  Yes (

Places to find me:




Post Season 6 TB; series to be continued—eventually—in a version of Season 7

  1. “Snjóflóð”—While all hell broke loose in Louisiana, Eric Northman went home to heal from his sister’s and maker’s deaths. Will his decision to isolate himself lead to his own death, or will a natural disaster save his life? (complete)
  2. “Avalanche”—While Eric was recovering from the burns he sustained at the end of Season 6, Sookie was trying to learn from her past mistakes and move on. But how can she move forward when her heart belongs with a vampire who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth? (complete)


Picks up Mid-Season 4 TB; series in progress

  1. Back & Forth—When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might have been caused by their blood, she takes drastic steps that will change her life―and the lives of Eric and Bill―forever. (complete)
  2. Come Back to Me—Now that Sookie & Eric have found their way to each other, Bill might just be the least of their worries. How will they deal with the threats that will try to separate them forever? Will their bonds survive? (complete)
  3.  Sojourn—An “interlude” set in the middle of Come Back to Me, Sojourn tells the story of Eric and Sookie’s necessary reconnection and healing after their fight with their greatest enemy. (complete)
  4. “King of Fools”—This story is a one-shot parody, which was written in honor of the Fangreaders Awards. It tells the “fates” of the villains from Back & Forth and Come Back to Me. (complete)
  5. Earned—This is the last major story in the Back & Forth Universe. It jumps forward in time and focuses on Hunter’s coming of age—just as much as it continues exploring the romance of Eric and Sookie. (in progress)


All human—SVM and TB influences; series complete

  1. Comfortably Numb—(Set mostly in New York) Eric & Sookie are two individuals incredibly beaten down & emotionally stilted due to the cruelty of their parents. Can they learn to love themselves & each other, even as outside forces try to rip them apart? Will their love survive, or will they be faced with a life in which they succumb–once more–to numbness? (complete)
  2. Touch the Flame—Eric and Sookie may have decided to fight against Appius’s influence in Eric’s life, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing for them. New challenges and tragedies will befall them. Will they find a way to stay together through them? Or will Appius drive them apart—or worse—as they “touch the flame”? (complete)
  3. Burn out the Pain— A continuation of Eric and Sookie’s journey to find happiness. When secrets are revealed about Sookie’s family, Eric defies Appius. However, what will be the cost of that defiance? (complete)


Post Dead Ever AfterSVM; series complete

  1. “Enduring”—(Set 3 years after Dead Ever After) Eric gives his POV about the events that led Sookie and him to their fates. The Viking has resolved to fulfill the bargain his maker made with Freyda. But what if his enemies go back on their agreements? (complete)
  2. “Uncovering”—(Set two months after “Enduring”) A series of happenings allows Sookie to uncover the motivation behind Eric’s ambiguous behavior as well as her own enduring feelings for him. But is it too late to do anything to help him get out of his contract with Freyda? (complete)
  3. “Resolving”—This third (and final) part of The Enduring Series begins two months after “Uncovering.” Eric and Sookie—it seems—have allies they’d never anticipated. Can they trust in the supernatural world to help them reclaim what has been lost? And—more importantly—can they finally trust each other enough to let themselves love each other? (complete)


Picks up 7 years after Dead Ever AfterSVM; series ongoing

  1. “Gift Horse”—(“Gift Horse” was meant to be a one-shot for the 2013 Sookie’s Secret Santa exchange; I wrote it as a gift for Suki59.) It’s Christmas Eve, and Eric offers Sookie a gift—a gift that will change her and her family’s fates and, perhaps, give Eric and her another chance at love.
  2. “Scrooged”—Will Eric finally get to kill Bill? Or is Bill right that Felipe and Freyda will come to his rescue? And how will a phone call from Sookie potentially change everything for Bill and Eric? (complete)
  3. “Black Christmas”—(Set during the night of the Queen of Oklahoma’s Christmas ball) Will Freyda’s white gown be red by the end of the night? And at what price comes Eric’s revenge? (complete)
  4. “Boxing Day”—With Sookie’s unborn child, Matthew, being “stubborn” and “waiting” for Eric to show up to be born, our Viking rushes from Oklahoma to Sookie’s Mississippi safe house. Will Russell be the key to Eric getting there in time? And how will Sookie cope with Pam as a “birth coach?” (complete)
  5. “Ice Queens”—While Eric and Sookie spend time with Sammy and Matthew in Mississippi, Pam and Thalia to tie up some loose ends in Louisiana. (complete)


Picks up at the beginning of Season 5—TB; series in progress

  1. Inner—A True Blood Season 5 “revision” from Eric’s POV, but with an Eric/Sookie endgame in mind. (complete)
  2. From the Inside Out—While Inner was tied to the Season 5 “canon” (because of the rules I set for myself), this story takes off from the end of Inner and goes decidedly “off-canon.” Eric and Sookie finally get together and get it together—with no time to lose! After all, they have to deal with Warlow, the destruction of the TrueBlood factories, the decimation of the Authority, and—of course—Billith. (In progress)
  3. The INNER-Ludes–a collection of Interludes/Outtakes/Side Stories for From the Inside Out—all told from NON-Eric POVs. All of these stories further the narrative of the Inner-Verse, so I hope that you won’t skip them. “Where/When” they belong in the overall universe will be included in a headnote for each and they will be released as they come in the overall narrative. (In progress)

THE Trunk SEries

Picks up in the middle of Book 3—SVM; series in progress

  1. The Trunk—Being thrown into the trunk by Debbie Pelt forced Sookie to the realization that there was no longer any time for her to put off answering the hard questions in her life.   But will she have the opportunity to enact the epiphanies she makes while waiting for Bill to “wake up” in the trunk?  And what of Eric? Will feeling Sookie’s terror make him more or less regretful about the feelings he hates having?
  2. The Boot—to begin Dec. 2017


Picks up Mid-Season 3—TB; series complete

  1. UninvitedUninvited explores a different direction for the True Blood story following the van incident. As Sookie lies in the hospital fighting for her life, Eric must pretend to be the ally of his greatest enemy, Russell Edgington, in order to save Pam’s life. What if Russell looks into Eric’s blue eyes and recognizes the young man he saw so long ago? What if Eric has to run for his life? Will he leave Sookie behind—at the mercy of Russell and the vampire who almost killed her? Or will he take her with him? (complete)
  2. Uncharted—Eric and Sookie must marshal allies as they evade Russell and his minions. Eric begins to formulate how to bring Russell down, even as Sookie learns more about her Fae powers. However, the greatest obstacle faced by Eric and Sookie might be letting themselves love each other without questioning “why” they love. (complete)
  3. United—Finally ready to unite personally by accepting the Fae bond and finishing the vampire bond, Sookie and Eric now concentrate upon uniting their friends to war against Russell and his allies. Two powerful forces will collide in Rhodes, but could the Fellowship bring them both down? (complete)



Picks up Mid-All Together DeadSVM; complete

This story begins right after Andre had agreed to let Eric bond with Sookie—rather than doing it himself. It is inspired by the following prompt by switbo: “Personally, I was always appalled that after Eric saves [Sookie] from being bonded to Andre by letting her bond to him instead, she never so much as thanks him from keeping her out of Andre’s clutches and they never really talk about what the blood bond means. As a ‘proper Southern woman’ as she always claims to be, how she could fail to thank him for saving her always galled me. And he’s too intelligent to fail to explain to her exactly what the bond means. Her not knowing is dangerous for both of them (as becomes obvious in later books).”

Every Contingency

Picks up Mid-Dead and GoneSVM; complete

An SVM what-if—How would’ve Sookie’s and Eric’s fates been different if Bobby also delivered a message to Sookie when he delivered the knife that would pledge her to Eric? What if Eric explained the situation to Sookie so that she wouldn’t feel like he’d manipulated her into pledging? Will she choose to pledge? Or will she get the hell out of Bon Temps to escape all the vampires in her life? (This “SHORT” is inspired by ncmiss12)


Picks up Mid-Season 6—TB; complete

This is a True Blood story that picks up following Season 6, Episode 7. Nora has just died, and—at Bill’s request—Sookie has brought Warlow back to the human realm. Will the death that surrounds them cause Eric and Sookie to choose life—that “other” life they could have together?

Given Unsought

Picks up Mid-Dead as a DoornailSVM; complete

When Sookie finally tells Eric about what happened when his memory was taken away by Marnie’s spell, the vampire notes that she spent more time talking about Debbie’s demise than any relationship they had. And he realizes something: Sookie doesn’t trust him not to harm her with the information about Debbie. Even though Eric is new at love, he knows that it cannot flourish without trust, so he cuts ties with her and eventually develops a relationship with another. What will happen when Sookie realizes that she made a mistake? What will happen when it is she who must fight for love which is unsought? (inspired by Lajayden1973)

The Goblin

A/U—TB-SVM hybrid; complete

Fairy tales are thought of as fiction only by those who do not know of the Supernatural world; of course, the humans often don’t know the whole story. “Rumpelstiltskin”—SVM/True Blood style. Written for Kittyinaz’s June 2015 Writing Contest

Life from Death

Picks up Mid-Season 7 (episode 9)—TB; complete

What if the Viking decided that being Bill’s messenger wasn’t going to work for him? It was high time for Sookie to hear some hard truths, and what she chose to do with those truths would determine whether Eric cut ties with her. (Note: This story ignores Season 7, Episode 10.)

The Marks Within

A/U–All Human–TB; complete

(AH) The Civil War ravaged lives, pitting brother against brother: countryman against countryman. Cousins and best friends, Eric Northman and William Compton are on different sides of history, and their situation is only complicated further—by a Southern Belle named Sookie Stackhouse. (This story was originally written for American Android’s Historical Fiction contest, and I am proud to report that it won the contest! Thanks to all who voted for my story!

Not Without Action

Picks up Mid-Dead LockedSVM; complete

Having learned that there is a spell that could break the bond between her and Eric, Sookie is gung ho to do it; however, in this version of events, Amelia proves herself to be a true friend by making sure that Sookie has thought things through fully—with a little help from a certain Viking vampire. (Begins in the middle of Deadlocked; E/S story; OOC Amelia; this is a SHORT—original story prompt from ericluver)


Picks up Mid-Book 1 (Dead until Dark)—SVM; complete

“I’ll see you again,” Eric told Sookie when she left with Bill following the Long Shadow attack. What if that “again” had been the very next night? This is a “SHORT,” suggested by Gwynwyvar. (Eric/Sookie)

Rewind←play→fast forward

Alternative Universe–SVM; complete

Written for the Queen of Area Five’s fiction exchange!  Eric was born into royalty—both human and Fae. However, because of his “defect,” telepathy, his parents abandon him. Years later, he finds himself in Louisiana, where he meets a beautiful vampiress named Sookie. ROLE REVERSAL. Eric/Sookie.

Salt Water

Picks up Mid-Season 7 (follows episode 7)—TB; complete

Sookie knew from Eric’s eyes that he was telling her goodbye, but she’d had enough goodbyes in her life, and she wasn’t about to say goodbye to Eric Northman again-not when she might be able to help him. The only question was, “Would Eric fight for his life too?” (Note: this story ignores Season 7, Episode 5 and beyond.)

The Sleeper Must Awaken

Alternate Universe—TB; complete

What if Gran had helped Sookie to develop her telepathy, rather than encouraging her to hide it? What if Sookie had grown up calling her ability a “gift” rather than a “curse?” What if Sookie had sought out Eric’s help for a very different reason than trying to clear her brother’s name.


Picks up mid-Book 4: Dead to the WorldSVM; complete

A “What if” story starting in the middle of Book 4. What if Sookie had said “yes” when Eric suggested they return to “their home” before the witch war? What if she’d chosen her own desire to “keep” him over her impulse to ensure that his memories were returned?

That Bitter Taste

Picks up After Season 7—TB; complete

Set two years after the final scene of True Blood, both Eric and Sookie are reassessing their choices. And both of them realize that what they feel most is bitterness. Can they turn that bitter to sweet?

Time after Time

Picks up after Dead Ever AfterSVM; complete

What if Sookie was given the chance to change her story with Supernaturals? What if she had full knowledge of the events that could come to pass? Could she save the people she loved the second time around? Would she look to anyone in the Supernatural world for help—or would she attempt to avoid that world altogether?

Wings upon Your Horns

Alternate Universe—TB; in progress

(Written for Sephrenia’s Fall 2014 Writing Challenge) What if Godric had called Eric to his side almost two decades before the Great Reveal? What if Eric had never been the Sheriff of Area 5 and had opened Fangtasia in Dallas? How would he have reacted if his first look at Sookie Stackhouse was when she was wearing a bikini, a cowboy hat, a gun belt, and spurs? Due to many requests, this story—originally planned for just a one-shot—will be continued! I just don’t know when. Meanwhile, the original one-shot remains available.


“The Better to Love You With”

Picks up after Season 3—TB; complete

(Chosen 1st place in Sephrenia’s Fall 2014 Writing Contest for banner 2) What if Sookie wasn’t able to leave the fairy world when she did? Three hundred years have passed in the human realm, and life has gone on for Eric Northman. Time has changed many things, but has it changed his feelings for Sookie Stackhouse?

“Blue All Over?”

Post Series Finale–TB; complete

This is a PROMO STORY written for the launch of this site, FANGBANGERS ANONYMOUS: THE TB/SVM WRITERS DIRECTORY. Eric finds himself brooding as he thinks about how things ended up for him at the end of True Blood.

“By Any Other Name”

Picks up one year after Dead Ever After—SVM; complete

(Ignores the “fates” found in After Dead) Having lost everything, the once mighty Viking is broken. Eric Northman had been told that Sookie Stackhouse had been killed. But the shrouded woman in front of him could not be mistaken as anyone else—not by him—even if she was going by a different name. Or, perhaps, she was a ghost or the Goddess of Revenge herself. (I’m proud to say that this story is one of the winners of Sephrenia’s 2014 Spring Writing Challenge!)

“Missing at the Table”

Picks up four years after the finale of Season 7—TB; complete

Four years after Bill is dead and gone, Sookie seemed to have embraced the “normal life.” But what that “normal” truly entailed was very different from the way it seemed at the end of the series. What is the true fate of the telepath and Viking? Read to find out.

“My Valkyrie”

Alternate Universe—SVM; complete

(Mostly set in 1010 A.D.—during Eric’s Viking days) After Sookie’s father and brother are killed by a vampire named Appius Livius Ocella, she is taken to Faerie for her own safety. Aspiring to become an angel one day, Sookie becomes a guardian, and her first charge is a young Viking prince named Eiríkr. Will Appius ruin their chance at love? Or will he unwittingly give them the opportunity to be together forever? (PROMO for Sephrenia’s Fall 2014 Banner/Writing Challenge)


Picks up after Season 4—TB; complete

It’s been a year since Sookie witnessed her best friend being buried & since she got an offer from Eric. She took him up on it. Now she has an offer for him. This one-shot was inspired by the Fangreaders Anniversary Writing Challenge (2012).

“Stale and Diminished”

Picks up 10 years after Dead Ever AfterSVM; complete

Eric muses about his sorrows as he fulfills the destiny his “makers” (both vampire and literary) crafted for him. I have not shied away from After Dead; thus, this story is more tragedy than anything else. READ WITH KLEENEX

“This Feels Better”

Picks up after Season 6—TB; complete

Sookie is surprised to find her own grave in the Bon Temps cemetery. Will her new maker be able to make her feel better? The action picks up at the end of Season 6. (PROMO piece for Sephrenia’s Spring 2014 Writing Challenge.)

“A Viking on His Shoulder”

A “missing scene” in Season 2—TB; complete

This is just a little comedy/parody I wrote to provide a “missing scene” from the Episode in Season 2 of True Blood called “Scratches.” This occurs after Dr. Ludwig has healed Sookie of the Maenad scratch and after Bill is dead for the day. What will Eric do when he finds himself alone with an unconscious Sookie?

“Yes, Sookie Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”

Alternative universe–TB; complete

Vampires have been “out” since 1962 and are a “normal” facet of life. Godric, always a visionary, founded the Vampire Historical Society (VHS)—as well as a newspaper called The Dallas Moon. After his child demonstrates apathy towards humans, Godric punishes Eric by making him respond to the letters that are sent to The Moon. What will happen when he receives a letter from an 8-year-old girl named Sookie Virginia Stackhouse, asking if there’s a Santa Claus?

 I hope to see you soon!

California Kat


2 thoughts on “California Kat

  1. lcrafts says:

    She is often a weaver of long multi-part tales, which I favor. They are consistently well written with believable character growth. When there is angst, I always have faith that the most satisfying ending will make the waiting worth the while. I am particularly enjoying her short stories, based upon user requests…almost instant gratification! If you haven’t read them give them a try. You’ll find them in her multi-chapter non-series stories.


  2. fairytaleamber says:

    California Kat is a MUST READ! She allows the beloved characters of the TB/SVM universe to fully embrace a range of emotions that was sorelylacking in cannon. SHe is inspirational!


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