Great Summer Reads 2015 – The Complete List

Below is a comprehensive list of The Great Summer Reads recommendations by the contributors of the FA blog. It will be updated during the month of August after each post has gone up. -LAST UPDATED 2015.09.09- list is now complete.



Beauty & the Vampire Beast + outtakes Mags McDonald AU Complete
Behind the Public Masks + Masque of the Red Death QueenofAreaFive AU Complete, sequel WIP
Crash and Burn (part of the (VERY) ‘Long Haul Saga’) MagpieTales AU post DEA WIP
Dead Man’s Hand eys1214 AH Complete
Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow AlphaEN AU WIP
Everything & More + outtakes Hisviks AU post TB S07 Complete
Folklore Shara Moon au Complete
Immortal Beloved* AllAboutEric AU Complete
Night Vision idream3223 AU WIP
Offshore** Morggy AH Complete
The Long Road Home Ali989969 AU post TB S07 WIP
Over You Brainmates AH Complete


*Available from the author by requesting it via PM on FF –

** No longer available.


What Dreams May Come scribeninja AH Complete
Come Undone Ali989969 AH Complete
One and Only Kjwrit AH Complete
What I Got MissyDee AH Complete
Colorado Summers ashleysue AH Complete
Deid Series jan-of-arc AU Complete
Spring Breakin’ dirtylemons AH Complete
Stolen Brainmates AH Complete
Halo Effect Missus T AH Complete




Birds of a Feather ChicPea AU Complete
Dodge and Chase Colliding Muse AU Complete
Viking vs Vampire AoifeNZ AU Complete
The Queen’s Telepath Sophie Myst AU Complete
The King’s Telepath Sophie Myst AU Complete
Go to Ground gem1n1 AU Complete
California Kat’s shorts by reader prompts California Kat series Complete
Detox my secret o AU Complete



Ache for You seastarr08 AU Complete
Again (sequel to Never Again) Crisi TM AU Complete
Beyond Need -Part 2 of the trilogy Sheba6086 series complete
Enduring Need – Part 3 of the trilogy Sheba6086 series complete
Mine is a Four Letter Word Sleepy Lotus AU complete
Need Part 1 of a trilogy Sheba6086 seires complete
Never Again (an HEA that turns around) Crisi TM AU Complete
Selfless to the End My Universe AU Complete
Your Wildest Dreams Sheba6086 AU complete



It’s About Time shewalksinbeauty AU complete
More Than Dinner 10pints AU complete
Where No Man Has Gone Before Mairemor crossover series complete
Precious Love ILWE AU wip
Saints and Sinners and Alcide in Wonderland EricIzMine AH complete
The Multiverse EricIzMine AU



New Beginnings tradlover AU complete
Make a Wish magsmcdonald au Complete
The Big Bang idream3223 AU Complete
The Back and Forth Universe californiakat AU complete
Chastity misstressJessica AH complete
Sandy South penpractice AU complete
Instincts evenflo78 AU complete
Eternal Night Gabrielleblue AU complete
True Colors js1280 AU complete



DayWoman Alskl1ng AU complete
Dead and Gone with the Wind Meg2 series complete
Dead Wrong Meg2 series complete
From the Beginning ( The Irish series, 13 stories in series) Meg2 series complete

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