Story Recs: Dr. Who? Dr. Ludwig, Of Course!


The little doctor, species still unknown, might be a tad abrasive and not much of a Fan of the Fang beyond their useful blood, but there’s no denying she’s an interesting character whenever she ‘pops’ into some of our favorite fanfics, her unapologetic demeanor often putting Pam to shame. While others might simply tolerate her for her healing skills, we readers can’t help but laugh with delight at her appearance and in doing so, she provides for an interesting insert, whether it be as Sookie’s mentor, a money greedy therapist, or the defining factor that brings together Eric and Sookie. Enjoy and be sure to let us know about your favorites with a special place for the one and only doctor!

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Story Recs: Amnesia



It may feel like a cheap soap-operatic trick, but the old amnesia trope has inspired many a great fanfic as well as being the foundation on which the Eric/Sookie ship was born in canon. Proving just how versatile amnesia can be, it doesn’t limit itself to simply Eric, vampires, or other supernatural creatures. Frankly, it was hard to choose from the many offerings out there, and a special mention, of course, must go to jc52185’s “Amnesia” trilogy, not only for its name, but for the intriguing and intelligent approach to the subject, breaking our hearts and warming them, all at the same time. We’re certain that the ever-convenient case of amnesia will continue to pop up here and there, causing laughs, heartache, and a few tears along the way that come with forgetting and remembering all at once… Continue reading

Story Recs: Fixing the Fuckery Beyond the Final Season



The last time we looked at those brave souls who took on the impending doom known as Season 7 and preemptively sought to rewrite the inevitable wrongs that the last and final season promised. This time we’re taking a closer look at our favorite stories that took what that last season handed us and methodically set to rights the epic fuckery, using it as a point for launching an entirely restored and altered ending.


Second Chance by Alh1971


Eric visits Sookie on her deathbed. TB One-shot, with elements from SVM. E/S, rated T, ONE-SHOT


Season 7 left Eric and Sookie with a gap too wide to cross. Sookie, unwilling to embrace her supernatural self, hangs on to her illusions of a ‘normal life’, and Eric chooses to say ‘goodbye’ rather than have his heart destroyed once more. This was a most dismal ending for Eric and Sookie shippers… but what might they have done otherwise if given a second chance? In this little gem, Eric movingly reflects so poignantly upon their past choices while he sits with Sookie at the end of her life. Our couple is finally able to find closure after a lifetime of regrets, and, in that magical reconnection, one ray of hope emerges out of the ruins of their troubled past, a touching hope that might just grant them a second chance. Continue reading

Story Recs: Season Seven – Rewriting the Wrongs


Show? What show… oh yeah, that show.

On the tail end of summer rolling slowly into fall, the annual tradition of fixing the fuckery of an entire season we just witnessed on those tiny screens would usually start right about now. Alas, we are without our love/hate relationship with a certain show with no eighth season that poorly fed idle our hopes. While some are still a little raw from book endings and subsequent deteriorating seasons as we went along, there were always bright spots, beloved quotes, and always plenty of inspiration on how it should be done. This week we’ll be focusing on the brave souls who dared rewrite the material as it came or appeared to come and Continue reading