The Great Summer Reads

Introducing the Great Summer Reads!

Everyone is entitled to a bit of a break and that includes the wonderful contributors here at the Directory who work tirelessly to bring you story recommendations. In the weeks ahead we will be taking a break from our usual programming and as an alternative each contributor will deliver their handpicked lists of (mostly complete) stories that they will be (re-)reading this summer that make for great reads whether you be hot and bothered poolside or in need of a warm snuggle by the fire for those on the other side of the equator 😉 We hope that you enjoy getting to know our individual contributors (and their tastes) a bit better with our suggested reading lists!



Great Summer Reads courtesy of RedJane12


While I planned my summer reading in the land of fanfic, I realized my focus would be enjoyment as in making the most of the summer weeks in order to give these stories the attention and love they deserve… As a non-writer, I am a great believer in ‘paying back’ the fanfic writers who so very generously create these stories with considerate and loving comments. That is easier to do when you are not reading on your Iphone on your way to/from work… So for me, the stories I have in mind fall into four groups….


Classic stories I had always wanted to read but due to their size, I kept them on the backburner so that I could read sizeable chunks at a time. I felt these stories deserved a sort of ‘total immersion,’ and I really wanted to get into the world that the author had created to fully give it justice beyond my unabashed enjoyment of how the story brought Eric & Sookie together… The standout story for me in this category this summer is Immortal Beloved by AllAboutEric (available via PM to the author, but no longer online); a classic in the fandom that I can’t wait to read. In this category also, Morggy’s Offshore**, a period drama which is not normally my favorite, but she is such an amazing author, I think it will be a treat! Two other stories that are now complete and I have been keeping for a good long read are Eys1214 Dead Man’s Hand, a great AH story with some angst, and SharaMoon’s Folklore that sounds like a very promising ‘fairy’ tale.

Ongoing & Amazing stories where I have fallen behind in my reading or stories I ‘parked’ because I wanted to read without distractions: idream3223’s Night Vision* is just one of the latest examples of this writer’s striking imagination and once again, she has created an alternate universe where the Eric and Sookie characters are entirely unexpected, but also irresistibly compelling. The Queen Of Area Fives Masks saga is also a favorite AU and I am so thrilled to embark on the second installment, Masque of the Red Death*. I love this writer’s imagination and I find her casting of canon characters in very anti-canon roles very refreshing. I am also reading Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow* (one of my fav titles ever) by AlphaEn and the sequel to the brilliant Put Me First. It is a story that deserves undivided attention! I also want to read Ali989969’s The Long Road Home* that just from quick peeks looks like a beautifully crafted story that promises a HEA after True Blood’s Season 7, but it is a slow-burn. I also plan on reading the outtakes pertaining to two amazing stories, Hisviks’ imaginative and often hilarious fixer of True Blood Season 7, Everything and More and the extended outtakes of MagsMacdonald’s Beauty and the Vampire Beast.

A daring read… I am not a brave reader and any warnings of angst, graphic violence, or Appius normally send me running in the opposite direction… Yet sometimes there are stories so well written and plots so compelling that I do my best to get in a resilient mode so as to read MagpieTales’ long long saga for example… I have peeked from time to time and I think it is time to read the entire Crash & Burn* (second part of the series) minus the Quinn moments because he is the worst! I admire the writer not just for her story-telling and impeccable writing, but also for sticking to her guns in this VERY slow burn of a story…

Re-reads – As a reward for my daring (see above) choice, I will as always indulge in re-reading a few favorites starting with BrainmatesOver You, a classic story with plenty of drama, but also loads of romance and rewarding feel-good moments, and then perhaps other Brainmates’ story or DirtyLemons’ or Kjwrit’s… There is luckily no shortage of classics in our fandom!

*= WIP

** = No longer available


We hope you enjoy this week’s suggestions for the summer lull and we’ll be back the next with more Great Summer Reading Lists from some of our other contributors!
…And since it’s summer here’s some bonus material of Eric and Jason getting their dance on in summer appropriate outfits….


14 thoughts on “The Great Summer Reads

  1. msbuffy says:

    All great picks, redjane12! I loved each of those stories and they all deserve a second or third read. Maybe more! SharaMoon’s “Folklore” is a very beautiful and such an original SVM FF story that it takes you away immediately! I’m her beta, and I might just be a little biased… Nah! I was swept away long before we teamed up! I’m still working on editing some of the older chapters of the tale, but most of the later ones are beta’d. We’ve been working on a new one for a year now that we’ll probably finish by 2020 given that she’s got a toddler at home! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Clarissa Bane says:

    Great post, but I have read every single story on this list 😦
    Would it be possible to get a list of new stuff/authors? Even stuff that was finished 5 years ago, but you guys love? A list of authors no one talks about anymore, I feel it’s always the same

    Would be really useful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • hisviks says:

      Hi Clarissa,

      Sorry to hear you’ve already read (and hopefully enjoyed) all these picks. When making the reading recommendations we do try to seek out those stories/writers that are maybe a little less known but are still a great read along with well known ones. Since this is the contributors’ own picks there is a tendency to go for well known favourites hence they might be more recognisable than most. Saying that in the weeks ahead there are definitely a couple of unknown/wild card choices mixed in between with some long lost writers and we’ll definitively have a think on how to incorporate more of those to keep things fresh for you all!


  3. valleystitcher says:

    Love these stories and wanted to thank you for your recommdations. Also wanted to add Pretty Kitty by ficlit78. Beautiful story. Also rereading everything by Natsgirl, Swimming to the Light and The Far Reach.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. AlphaEN says:

    Thank you for the recommendation on DTRT, I’m so glad you’re still with the story! Although it’s winding down, there are still some great things to come. I hope you enjoy the rest of the read 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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