Meet Your Maker: Recently Completed Stories


Discover Seven new writers in the FA Directory


We have a lot to be excited about here at the Directory, not only are we just over a month old and happily thriving with your appreciation, we’ve welcomed seven(!) new members into the  Directory since the launch at the end of April. Please join us in welcoming to the FA Directory:


jules3677 ->


Secret Nerd Princess

The Viking Trubie

*vixenfae ->

WolvesHaveReturned ->


It would be greatly appreciated by all these writers if you leave a comment on their profile page in  recognition of their work or just in acknowledgment of the joy of discovering a new writer. Special thanks to Alison A. for helping us find another retired writer (*).

When a story has an ending!


There’s more to be excited about, as far as we’re concerned… Writers know this feeling well; suddenly there it is, that final dot that denotes the end. Relief floods the system but then the remorse sets in, and a pang of pain hits with the knowledge that you are saying goodbye to some well-loved characters that have been ‘living’ inside you for months, if not years, and because of that, we as writers sometimes forget to celebrate that moment.


It is a wonderful achievement for a writer to make it to the end of their tale. We at the Directory feel the completion of a multi-chapter story is something definitely worth recognizing and to alert the fandom about, especially to readers who may have shied away from starting a new work-in-progress after coming away heartbroken one too many times when a story they loved went on an indefinite hiatus… Unfinished stories are part of life when reading fan fiction but it can also be a little frustrating… So here’s to all these (happy) endings!


Stories completed from March 31st – May 31st:

Galatea’s Descent

by hisviks


by California Kat

Up All Night

by My Secret O

Inner (Part I of The Inner-Verse)

by California Kat

Swimming for the Light

by Natsgirl

Everything (Part III of a trilogy)

by jc52185

Life in the Fast Lane

by MistressJessica1028

Even The Dead Can Scar

by magsmacdonald

The Boss

by MistressJessica1028

Remember don’t be shy in letting writers know how much you enjoyed reading these stories when you do, they love hearing that, even if a story long been complete.

Don’t let us forget your story!


We will be listing completed multi chapter stories on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis depending on supply. That being said, despite appearances, we are human, so we will be doing this for our Directory members only for now and the possibility that we may miss a story is there. So if we have inadvertently missed a story by a Directory member please use the form at the bottom of the post or the form on its dedicated page (under the Contact Us header) to help us out in the future (writers and readers alike) by notifying us as soon as a story comes to completion. Any that we accidentally missed will be added in a dedicated archive that will list these completed stories and to the relevant post.





11 thoughts on “Meet Your Maker: Recently Completed Stories

  1. ericluver says:

    Just finished Wolveshavereturned’s story and I can’t believe I never saw this before! It’s amazing! Thanks to this page for a new author/story! 😀😀😀

    Liked by 2 people

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